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Build a Successful Career in Music

My students often ask me what they can do to have a successful career in music.  I usually respond with these four tips. 1. GIVE NO LESS than 100% of your energy into developing your craft.  Success in the music biz depends on networking, positive attitude, positive relation skills, and genuine sincerity.  It also depends […]

Basic Principles For V7 Chords

The V7 chord is called the “dominant” chord because it drives the music back to it’s foundation. It signals the ear to anticipate that the next chord you hear is the “tonic” chord. That doesn’t always happen, and I will explain why in another session. Several years ago I was afforded the opportunity to study […]

Creativity: The Life-Blood of the Arts

Creativity is the life-blood of the arts. What drives us to create is something inside that needs to get out! Here are a few tips that will help you maximize the creative process: 1. Absorb the world around you with child-like wonder! 2. Continually set new artistic goals that are just beyond your reach. 3. Whatever you create, […]